Recently Passed Your Driving Test? Look Out for These Distractions!

So after all the deliberations and the nervousness, you finally got through the driving license test. Congratulations! You just can’t wait to put on your favorite tunes and hit the highway in your newfound freedom.

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But before you take your car out for a long spin, a word of caution – driving can be an incredibly tricky affair, especially for new drivers. You may have passed the driving license test, but your motor-reflexes are still those of a greenhorn, not an experienced old hand. Add to that the sheer mental toll of driving on a busy highway with its countless distractions, and you have all the ingredients for disaster. This is also one reason why specialized car insurance for young drivers can be an incredibly valuable addition to your safety arsenal.

So before you hit the road, there are a few distractions you should look out for to ensure your safety:

  1. Multitasking Mistakes
    So, you had a busy morning and you got into your car half dressed. The shoe laces are still untied, you haven’t managed to get your tie on or if you are a woman driver, the hair is still unkempt and you haven’t had the time to put on your make-up. In the middle of all the rush and chaos, you might be tempted to save yourself some time and finish all these chores while driving a car. As it so happens, these are the most common driving distractions which lead to road accidents. The drivers believe that they have full control over their reflexes and can multitask efficiently but more often than not, they over- estimate their abilities.
  2. Don’t Eat and Drive
    Studies have shown that drivers who eat while driving are also prone to more accidents. It might sound trivial but when you are trying to eat a burger and fries and sip soda simultaneously, it’s very easy to lose control over the steering wheel. So, the next time you buy yourself some fast food from a drive-through, grab a table instead of eating while driving.
  3. Cell-Phone Catastrophes
    In spite of repeated warnings and legal prohibitions, talking on the phone while driving continues to be a common practice. Quite obviously, it is one of the most common driving distractions. Even a small conversation on the phone can distract a driver immensely especially in the middle of a crowded area. And of course, let’s not forget about texting while driving – the bane of modern motorists everywhere. If you absolutely must respond to a text message or a call, pull over, stop the car, and then hit the ‘reply’ button.
  4. Posture Perfect
    Every learning driver is taught about the importance of the perfect driving posture. Not only does it ensure that you have complete control over the steering wheel, it also makes it easier for you to react instinctively to any situation. People, however misjudge the importance of a sound driving posture and tend to lean sideways or backwards while driving. This seriously compromises on the range of visibility, making the driver more prone to accidents.
  5. Musical Misadventures
    Any car is complete without a music system. After all, what is a good drive without your favourite music playing in the background? Some people tend to get a little too involved with the music thereby losing control over driving. A lot of accidents also happen when drivers fidget too much with the music systems trying to change songs or radio stations. It is always a good idea to stop your car for a few minutes and modify the settings before you hit the road again.
  6. Clamp Down on Nervousness
    Let’s not forget that new drivers continue to be a little nervous and apprehensive in the beginning stages of driving. The presence of a co-passenger who is equally nervous can seriously affect their level of confidence. So, if you find yourself sitting next to a new driver, avoid squeaking or making anxious noises every time a car inches past yours. A little faith and patience can go a long way.

Driving can be an intimidating experience for young drivers. You are expected to register an overwhelming amount of information while keeping your motor reflexes co-ordinated. This is why car insurance for young drivers is a highly recommended if you are new behind the wheel. A calm, level head and acute concentration helps too, of course!