Protect Your Investment With the Right Car Insurance

Car insurance is not a must in South Africa to have, but it sure can save you a lot of headache. Most people choose to not have car insurance, forgetting that they will wish they had when they get involved in a car accident.

Car Insurance

Most people’s reasons for not having one, is because car insurance is too expensive. However this is just not the case. You can get good insurance without breaking your bank every month.

How to save on your car insurance

Never ever inflate the value of your car

Car insurance is dependent on the car you drive, how old the car is, how expensive it is, how many safety features it has, among other things. So, when your car is worth more, the insurance premium will also reflect that, because it is more expensive to replace an expensive car than a cheaper one. same thing with car parts.

Buy cars that are said to be the safest cars

Cars that are deemed to be safer as compared to other cars are a good buy, as they can lower your car insurance premiums. The same applies to buying cars that are not in the list of easy cars to steal.

Anti theft systems

Make sure that your car has an alarm system, an immobilizer, a tracker or anything else that car insurance companies deem necessary or important. This will lower your car insurance premiums.

Limit the people who drive your car

If you list multiple people on your car to be drivers, that will heavily affect the premium that you pay. Stick to you as the sole driver if possible.

Get the best value car insurance

The best value car insurance is not you paying the lowest amount on the insurance, it also means that you are getting good value for the money that you are paying. This is what you want. Avoid picking the cheapest car insurance, because often this means that you are getting the least coverage on your car.

Keep your driving record clean

If you are always claiming from car insurance companies, this will follow you around, as insurance companies will find out about it, and it will heavily impact what you pay for your car.

Yes, car insurance in South Africa is not a must-have, but from the point of having peace of mind, it is definitely something that you should think of getting.