Learner Drivers Car Insurance – a Guide

For any learner driver who has private driving lessons (lessons taken by someone other than a driving instructor), car insurance for learner drivers is compulsory. The minimum amount of car insurance cover required by a student driver is third-party.

Insurance Policy

It’s not cheap to learn to drive. The average cost of learning to drive is about £ 1000 now. Because of these expenses, many student drivers have additional free lessons given by a friend or, more often, a family member.

If any student driver wishes to have these extra private lessons, they MUST ensure that they are insured to drive the vehicle in which the lessons are held. It could be that there is already ample insurance cover for the owner of the car that would allow these lessons to take place. This is rarely the case, however, and a special insurance policy for learner drivers would more than likely be required.

Some students, as well as their parents, claim that this extra insurance cover is not appropriate. They believe it would be adequate to cover any claim concerning a learner driver with a completely comprehensive car insurance policy. That’s incorrect.

If you intend to have lessons with a relative, or someone other than a licensed driving instructor, then you must contact the company that insures the vehicle being used and inquire about adding yourself to the policy. You’re going to be breaking the law if you don’t, then. If caught by the police, they will have the right to confiscate the falsely insured car and ruin it. Before you have graduated as a full license holder, you could also earn penalty points on your driving license.

Car Insurance For Learner Drivers The Facts:

  • You must be insured for any car you drive
  • A driving school car will already be insured for any learner driver
  • Lessons in private cars need dedicated learner insurance cover
  • Fully comprehensive insurance doesn’t usually cover learners
  • Separate learner driver insurance is usually required
  • The minimum cover you must have is Third Party

Due to the risks involved in insuring learner drivers, many car insurance companies don’t offer car insurance for learner drivers and will refuse to add a learner to a parent’s car insurance policy.

Given this, the best way to get valid cover is to get inexpensive learner drivers car insurance in your own name. This will allow you to have lessons in a variety of cars.