As a driver, there is need to know what works best for you to cut back on costs such as premiums in all ways possible. This article is aimed at keeping you in touch with what you need to know about your car insurance excess.

What Is an Insurance Excess?

A car insurance excess can be termed as a contribution required of you to pay towards your claim on your insurance policy. In simpler terms, during a car hire, if the vehicle gets stolen or damaged you will be required to pay an amount in case of an insurance claim. An excess insurance acts like an extra policy that protects you against incurring extra costs. Insurers have various kinds of excesses which can apply concurrently or for different situations.

How Does an Excess Affect My Premium?

An increase in your excess reduces your premium. It is an effective way of lowering and saving on your insurance costs. This means that when you’re making your claim you’ll pay more for it. It is important to only choose an excess level which you can comfortably afford.

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What are the Various Excess Types?

The kind of excess you’re liable for is listed on your insurance certificate. They are; basic or standard excess, age excess and additional or special excess.

Purchasing Excess Insurance

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Rental companies offer excess insurance over the counter for clients who come to pick their hire’s and still this doesn’t cover all costs and it doesn’t offer full protection in the event of theft, loss or damage.


You will end up paying a huge amount of money. To avoid this, you can purchase you excess insurance from online sources that are much cheaper before picking your hired car.

In South Africa, insurance for vehicles is really costly and insurance policies have extremely strict conditions due to risky criminal activities and unlicensed driving. Statistics have provided sufficient evidence as to how important it is to insure your vehicle in South Africa. Being uninsured is financially costly and legally consequential.

Getting a car excess insurance in S.A. will ensure you have peace of mind in the event of anything. You will have no worries concerning legal action or payments to be made. 


Before choosing an excess insurance you must do proper researches on the rates offered and make comparisons. Beware of hidden additional costs and go for an insurer with a solid history which is reputable. 


Check for company registration and go to lengths to verify how legitimate they are.

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