How Will a DUI Affect Your Auto-Insurance Policy?

Once you are caught driving under the influence, there are high chances that your auto insurance policy will be affected. Receiving a DUI can be quite a difficult experience, especially when it prompts that you pay for it until your legal or court interactions come to an end. A DUI has a direct impact on your auto insurance policy, especially the much that you pay as premiums. That implies that a DUI conviction has consequences which reach beyond the state judicial system, leave alone the personal or social trauma you might go through.

Auto-Insurance Policy,DUI

In most cases, your state can notify your dui attorney and the insurance company or even demand that you notify your insurer once you are convicted of a DUI. They take this action because they are fully aware that what you pay for the insurance of your car is largely determined by your driving record. A risky driving history will translate to you having much higher car insurance rates.

What is the Impact of DUI on your Car Insurance?

Most people assume that being convicted of a DUI results to only some fine and court costs as well as license suspension. That is however, not the case especially considering your auto insurance. However, with a DUI attorney better known as a criminal defense attorney your could be free of all charges.

High Insurance Premiums

Once your insurer discovers your offense, they will definitely take it into account. This will have adverse effects on you ranging from your premiums being increased to even being dropped from the coverage altogether. The latter will thus require that you look around for a new policy, while still having both the DUI and insurance cancellation on your driving record. If your Thrower & Schwartz charleston DUI attorney does a good job and you are free of all charges you will then have absolutely nothing to worry about.

You Might Have to Seek for an SR-22 Form

In most states, those convicted of a DUI are required to obtain an SR-22 form from their insurer and present it as proof to the department of motor vehicles (DMV) that they indeed hold liability insurance. If you hire a Thrower & Schwartz charleston criminal defense attorney like this firm then they should be doing this for you. This will be necessary since the DMV needs it in order to lift your license suspension. In case your insurer cancels the agreed upon insurance policy, they will have to contact the DMV. For you to maintain a valid driving license, you might be required to prove to the DMV that you have legal auto insurance for as long as 5 years.

Insurance Rates

DUI offenses are not treated the same way. Most insurers tend to look at them on a certain basis. For instance, they can consider otherwise if the DUI offense committed is your first and if you are known to maintain a good driving record. However, successive drunk-driving offenses will result to higher rate increases, with some companies refusing to cover repeat offenders.

Increased Premiums for a Long Time Period

Most insurance companies will charge higher premiums for a period of about 3 years. Some of them usually extend this coverage period to up to 5 years, after the date of conviction.

Can a Criminal Lawyer Help If Arrested for DUI?

A DUI lawyer / criminal defense lawyer can be quite helpful when caught driving under the influence. Such a lawyer will represent you in the court if charged with DUI. He or she will also inform you about all you need to know in such a situation as well as offering possible solutions. They will closely scrutinize all the collected evidence in the case and help you in the best way they can. They are ultimately able to reinstate your driving privilege, especially if they are well-experienced and hold a great reputation.