How to Identify the Best Car Insurance Companies

In South Africa, there are a lot of car insurance companies that you will have to familiarize yourself with, if you want to have good car insurance for your car. It is best to know who are the leaders in the market, so that you can choose the very best.
Insuring your car with companies whose reputation you do not know can be a gamble, because the chances of things going wrong is huge.

Accreditation and Compliance

Best Car Insurance Companies

A legitimate car insurance company will have all the necessary paperwork that they need to be a financial services provider, and they will need to be registered with the Financial Services Board. This simply means that they must have the right paperwork to provide to the board, they must submit financial statements of their company, they need all the compliance reports that are needed and they need to have professional liability insurance. It is only in dealing with a legitimate company that you can have peace of mind that your money is with the right company, and that they will do what they promise to do should you get into trouble with your car.

Size of the company

You don’t have to get the biggest company to insure your car, even though there is the connotation that the biggest insurance companies are the more reputable and better ones. What you really should be looking for is a company that has the experience and the reputation to go with it. If they have a lot of clients, it means that there is something that they are doing right to ensure that the clients are happy and that their needs are met.
When it comes to your money, be on the safe side and go with a company that has proved itself.

Affordability and Pricing

Let me put it out there. . . the best car insurance company is not going to be the cheapest one. We want to pay low low premiums, but do not be caught insuring your car with a car insurance that is cutting corners, just so you can pay less. A good insurance company will have competitive rates, and they will work on giving you a great service and product without compromising their reputation.


A good insurance company will have all systems in place to insure client confidentiality is maintained, while all the important documents are recorded and captured. All the required documentation will be done professionally, and they will have systems for voice recordings to ensure that phone calls with clients are recorded, which can come in handy in times of a dispute.


The best car insurance companies will have their reputation intact, because they know that ultimately that is what will make their business grow. They will work at keeping clients happy, delivering the best services and products, and they will make sure that they don’t do anything that will result in bad publicity, that has the potential to tarnish their image.


Good insurance companies will not try to be good at everything, because that is kind of impossible, but they will be strong in a particular field. Find a company that has proven itself when it comes to insuring cars. Most car insurers have many other products to offer, but if you can find one that just specializes in cars, then you might have a winner.

Customer Service

Getting a cheap insurance premium is the easy part. The real test for an insurance company comes when you have to submit a claim, how quickly they get you the help you need, how quickly they can process your claim, how quickly you can get the matter settled.
Good companies will have clients who have gone through the process and be happy that it was handled well and without unnecessary headaches.
An accident is traumatic enough, if you have to deal with a company that cant help you in your time of need, you will be left frustrated and betrayed, so choose wisely.

Comprehensiveness of Product Range

The best car insurance companies will stay abreast of trends in the insurance industry and make sure that they keep up. They will be open to new technologies and they will constantly be on the lookout of how to make their products and services better. They will have online portals for their customers to voice out suggestions or complaints,and they will allow their customers to make comparisons with what is out there.


These are just some of the things to look out for when you are searching for the best car insurance company . Check them against the car insurance that you are using now and see what is out there that is better than what you have now.