Common Auto Insurance Discounts

Keeping up with bill payments is a difficult task especially in this economy. With prices for goods and services are rising and salaries are at a standstill, it’s easy to be in a sticky financial situation. This is the reason why the average American is tightening his or her belt. Car insurance is just one of those bills one has to pay. While it is tempting to not get insurance at all, doing this is against the law. But even if car insurance is an important policy to have, it doesn’t mean you have to close your eyes and just let your hard earned money slip off your fingers. There are ways to lower your insurance costs. Take a look at the discounts below to see if you can decrease the premium you are currently paying to your insurer.

Car Insurance

Good Grades Discount
If you’re a student or have a son or daughter who is finally allowed by the law to drive, getting him or her to get good grades is a good idea. Insurance companies associate good grades to being a responsible driver. If your son or daughter is a responsible student, it follows that he or she will be responsible on the road too. The good part is, the more responsible your child is, the bigger the discounts you will get for his or her auto insurance policy. Insurance for new drivers can be quite pricey because younger drivers are inexperienced when it comes to driving and are more susceptible to being careless behind the wheel. You can take a look at car insurance quotes to do this. Comparing quotes is a good idea so that you can get better rates but chances are, the rates for your child’s policy will still be high so ensure that you apply for all possible discounts available.

Going Green
While reducing your carbon footprint, you can save some money too by getting a car or vehicle that is environment friendly. It’s not just your automobile that will affect your insurance rate though, because if you choose to go paperless with your billing statement, your insurer will give you a discount too.

Safety Course
Taking a driver’s safety course is a good way to get low auto insurance quotes from your insurance provider. A safety course will not only teach you to drive safely but also defensive driving. Once you pass this course, you can ask for a certification so that you can show it to your insurer. This will get you a discount.

Effective Anti-Theft Devices
You can save up to 20 percent if you have anti-theft devices installed in your car. These lower the risk of your car being stolen. The good news is, the best anti-theft devices are already pre-installed in new car models.

Safe Driver Discount
You can shave off around 40 percent off your auto insurance quotes if you have a good record at the DMV. If you have never been in an accident and don’t have any type of traffic violations, then you will definitely get a discount from your insurance provider.