If you have a thriving business, chances are that you will have a business car or cars, and as a result, you might have to look at business car insurance or what is commonly referred to as car insurance for company cars. 

Business car insurance created to cover cars that are used in business, because they are on the road a lot more, and depending on the business, they cover a lot of kilometres. It stands to reason then that the risk factors can be a bit different from those that are looked at for personal car insurance.
When you approach a car insurance company to cover your business cars or fleet, they will have to look at your risk profile to determine what kind of premium will fit your fleet. 

Unlike a personal car insurance where you will mostly be driving your car, with a business car, you might have different drivers driving the car.
One of the main benefits for business car insurance is that your assets will be protected, should anything happen. Not only just the car, the goods being carried in the car and the driver will also be protected.

Types of Business Car Insurance Available in South Africa

The best type of car insurance for your fleet is comprehensive car insurance for company cars . This is the best purely because you are covered from accidents, theft, hijacking ( this is South Africa after all ), damage by fire, hail and others. This kind of insurance however will also come with the highest premiums, because it protects you from just about everything.

You can also choose insurance that covers the third party only. This will be cheaper, but it means that should something happen, you will have to sort out your own costs while the insurance sorts out the other driver that was affected.

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Then lastly, there is insurance that will give you certain benefits such as covering your company car for theft or hijackings, but not for fire or hailstorms. 

Car insurance for your company car is not something to be taken lightly, because it can potentially save our business from ruin. So choose wisely.

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