5 Tips for Buying Car Insurance Online

Many insurers have set up shop online in the recent past thanks to the rapidly rising popularity of the platform in South Africa. However, while many people may prefer to buy their car insurance policy online owing to the conveniences, several factors have to be considered to ensure you get the ideal policy for your car.

Here are 5 tips for buying car insurance online

  1. Get all your details right

Just as is the case when buying conventionally, insurers will require certain information regarding your car. This may include:

• Its mileage reading
• Its VIN number
• Security features like GPS tracking
• The engine’s power.

These details among others are used for crucial purposes like determining the ideal premium for your car. As such, it is important to always have them close by so as to easily associate with prospective insurers.

  1. Narrow down your search

The online platform is vast and jammed with insurers seeking to offer their services. As such, it is necessary that you trim your list of prospective insurers before searching so as to save yourself the time and unnecessary effort. To do this, you can begin by looking up the popular and well established insurers in the country for surety.

  1. Compare and contrast

At the end of your search, you are bound to come up with several prospective insurers. However, you can go with only one, and you should ensure that you go with the best. As such, compare and contrast vital factors relating to the different insurers. You should look into factors like the premium paid and the binding terms and conditions among others.

  1. Perform a background search

Owing to its very nature, most unscrupulous dealers tend to use the online platform to swindle unsuspecting potential buyers. As such, after you have chosen the ideal insurer to go with, you should first ensure that they are indeed genuine to avoid losing your money to fraudsters. This can be done just as quickly and easily through the online platform as the South Africa Insurance Association (SAIA) makes a point to avail all the relevant information about different insurers operating in the country.

  1. Open better communication lines with the insurer

Albeit buying car insurance online comes with some conveniences, it is still limited in that you as the buyer tend to interact with the website and automated responders for most of the part. For some buyers, this may not feel whole; making it necessary to get more detailed information. It is hence advisable that you contact the insurer after you have made your decision.
Talking directly to an agent will help you get any questions and wanting issues resolved while also strengthening your surety and confidence in the insurer.


Car insurance is not only necessary in South Africa, it is crucial for enforcing security on the road and meeting any expenses in case of accidents. As such, make sure to take these factors into consideration these 5 tips for buying car insurance online so as to ensure it is the ideal one for you.